Maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – Class Rooms/Laboratory. The physical facilities such as Laboratories, Classrooms, Library and Sports Complex are maintained by House Keeping under the supervision of Non-teaching Staff / Floor Supervisors. Utilization of the classrooms is facilitated to the students in working days and it is also made available to the other governmental / nongovernmental organizations for conducting exams during Vacations and holidays. The masonry and plumbing works are carried out with local skilled persons and the expenditure are incurred from Maintenance. Lab equipment’s are serviced by manufacturers and service personnel during summer and winter vacations. Stock registers are maintained regularly.

House Keeping

Ensuring availability of water in Toilets at all times.

Ensuring availability of Drinking water in all floors.

Cleaning Class Rooms, Labs, Veranda, Office Room, Staff Rooms and furniture daily.

Cleaning of Toilets twice a day.

Cleaning the campus gardens and grounds regularly.

Checking Furniture condition and taking stock in Class Rooms and Office every month.

Checking Building infrastructure throughout the campus for repair and minor alterations.

Checking of Electrical, Plumbing, Water drainage and Sewage system every month.


>In our college, the Computer Maintenance Cell and its support staff maintain the ICT facilities including computers and servers. The annual maintenance includes the required software installation, antivirus and up gradation. To minimize e-waste, electronic gadgets like projectors, computers, printers, photocopiers are serviced and reused. Campus Wi-Fi is maintained by the computer center.


The working hours of the library is from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on working days and from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on holidays. Maintenance activities are made periodically to keep library clean and arrange the returned books in their respective sections. The activities like fumigation, preservation of books from insects, dusts and shelving of reading materials promptly on regular basis by the housekeeping /Library Staff.


The respective faculty members, staff, lab assistants and other service personnel are given responsibility to maintain the equipment under their purview. Stock registers, log books, issue register are maintained by the respective laboratory in charges to report entries and defects arising for rectification. All major repairs are identified and external expertise sought for maintenance of equipment. Standard operating procedures for all high end equipment are made available to the users. In- campus users register in the log books and are responsible for the safe handling of the equipment. Breakage and repair if any, are reported to the Head of Department or the concerned Lab in-charge as the case may be and suitable measures are taken for speedy functioning of the equipment. Breakage of glassware intended for use by students is entered and charges levied based on the cost of the equipment payable by the students at the end of the year.


Through best practices, the students outshine in the field of sports. Excellent infrastructure is provided for sports with 400meter running track and Synthetic Courts for indoor sports activities. The playground is maintained with markers to differentiate the various areas and the field equipment like post, umpire stand, score boards are also serviced regularly. The college uses laborers on daily wages to keep the playground clean and in good condition during the tournaments and sports day celebrations. The sports equipment like ball, bat, net etc., provided to the students is marked to control the damage or loss of equipment and to collect it back safely and register them in the equipment movement register.


Power supply is maintained by regular technical staff through proper system captive gensets as backup for 24hours. A CUMINS Make power generator (180 KVA) is installed inthe campus to handle the occasional power shut down, is under AMC by M/S Network Diesels, authorized Dealer of Powerica. Garden Maintenance Tree plantation and ground maintenance is done by the gardener appointed by the Institute. NSS, NCC, YRC maintain certain sections of the college clean for planting Saplings. Certain areas are maintained by the departments for their lab activities.