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The term Engineering is defined as “the application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems”. Hence understandings of the basic scientific and mathematical concepts are of paramount importance for an engineering graduate.

Further, students need clarity in expression to put forth their innovative ideas. They should always have an eye for economically viable engineering solutions. The department of Science and Humanities plays a pivotal role in fostering the fundamental principles and understanding of science among the students.

It aims to improve students’ communication skills in English and to inculcate human values and knowledge on economics. The faculty imparts proper guidance and motivation for the students from the first day of their joining the College. The department has been there, right from the inception of the College in the year 2006 comprising streams such as: Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics and English.


To enhance students knowledge of theoretical and modern technological aspects in Physics. and enable the students to correlate the theoretical principles with application oriented studies, to introduce fundamentals of science for engineering applications. There are a good number of costly and valuable equipments such as laser, Fiber-optic kit, and Travelling Microscope and determination of energy gap semiconductor, Hysteresis apparatus, and ultrasonic interferometer apart from the routine ones. The Physics laboratory can accommodate 70 students at a time to do the practical individually.


Chemistry Laboratory can accommodate 70 students at a time. It has all the modern facilities to conduct the practicals. We are having all the required electrical equipments such as Hot Air Oven, Flame Photometer, Spectro Photometer, Digital conductivity meter, Digital Potentiometer, Digital pH meter and Digital balance. We are having the expertise to analyse the cement and water on a commercial basis in our laboratory.


The department has been successful in supporting the Engineering faculty with a consistent track record. Presently, the department has been providing support to PG courses in Engineering and Computer applications. It provides a reasonable analytical outlook, logical reasoning and a Mathematical bent of mind, to the students through problem-solving. The students are given a good training to familiarize with the concepts applied to Engineering. Special evening classes are conducted for students who find it difficult to cope with mathematics.


The department is backed by qualified and experienced faculty members. The department strives to improve the fluency and accuracy in students’ communication skills. Courses on English are so designed to enhance and improve students’ proficiency level in English language skills, soft skills and behavioral etiquettes. Students are exposed to authentic English in the Computer Aided language laboratory. The language laboratory provides training for the students to listen to, speak, read and write the English language at their own pace. Besides, with the view of helping the students to pursue their higher studies or to get placed in MNCs Training is given to take up examinations such as Business English Certificate(BEC).

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our college has going to be organized a "Fine Arts Club'' programme on 21.09.2015, Day Monday. We are also attached the brochure in this mail.