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Wi-Fi/Computing Facilities

The Kavery Group of Institution has well equipped computing laboratories with the latest computer systems and rich repository of software, covering a wide spectrum of applications.

  • Latest Computer systems and rich repository of software with separate servers are provided in all different laboratories located in various departments.
  • UPS is installed in each and every laboratory.
  • Relevant Legal System and Application Software are used.
  • A High End Server System is used for Web Applications, Video Streaming, Academic Activities and other applications.
  • All the computers are networked using 12 Mbps Ethernet LAN Technology with Manageable & Unmanageable Switches.
  • The Entire Campus is interconnected with Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) Technology.
  • Advanced Computer Labs with sophisticated software packages have been setup for
    1.Language Learning with HI-CLASS Multimedia Broadcasting Software
    2. Multimedia Content Development
  • A high speed Internet Bandwidth is available over a leased circuit allowing more than 500 users to connect to the web at a comfortable speed.
  • Computers are provided in the Library for students and staff browsing.
  • Computer Labs are kept open until 08:00 P.M on the weekdays and on Sundays from 10:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M
  • Girls and Boys hostel are interconnected with Wireless Access Points.