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About IEI

The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is a statutory body to promote and advance the engineering and technology, established in 1920 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. It is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of engineers encompassing 15 (fifteen) engineering disciplines with a Corporate membership of over 2 lakhs, and serving the nation for more than 9 decades. The IEI has its headquarters located in Kolkata with national presence through more than hundred Centres and several Overseas Chapters, Foras and Organ.


IEI Student Chapter was started in our institution in the year 2018. We are connected with more than 100 corporate members from various technical divisions. There are more than 1200 student members from almost all engineering disciplines of our institution. Every year the “Engineers Day” is being celebrated with all enthusiasm. All other technical activities like seminar, workshop, symposium, conference etc., are also being conducted for the benefit of the students. As a recognition for the conduct of all events till date, we have received many appreciation awards like “The IEI Best Engineer”, “Young Engineer”, “Best Faculty Advisor”, “Best Student Chapter”.

Benefits of Corporate Membership (AM/M/F) of IEI

Corporate Members are entitled to receive Chartered Engineer certificate on payment of requisite fee. Corporate Members are eligible for exemption from appearing in Section A and may appear directly in Section B in additional branch examination of IEI. IEI has forged partnership with the globally renowned journal publishing house: SPRINGER. Corporate Members are entitled to make free e-access of Journal by logging in through Corporate Members may access the IEI Library (Engineering Information Service Centre) at the headquarters as well as State and Local Centres of IEI. Corporate Members are entitled to receive the monthly e-newsletter 'IEI NEWS' and ‘EPITOME’. Opportunity to participate in technical events e.g. Seminars, Symposia, Conventions, Workshops etc. Organized by various IEI centres at State, National and International levels at a concessional rate of 20%. Corporate Members may be empanelled as internal project guide in Section B examination conducted by IEI, as per norms. Corporate Members may avail the opportunity of staying in the IEI guest houses spread over all important locations in India. A list of all the guest houses is available at IEI website ( Corporate Members employed in Educational Institutes are normally given preference in the disbursement of grant-in-aid for R&D activities. Corporate Members may participate / contest in IEI elections as per Bye- Laws of the Institution. Corporate Members may access a cloud-based platform ‘ENGGtalks’ for technical networking, collaborating and community learning. Corporate Members can avail the PE/Int.PE/Chartered Engineer Certificate for their professional development.

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IEI Student’s Chapter

The Council may establish Engineering College Students’ Chapters or Polytechnic Students’ Chapters at engineering colleges or polytechnics conducting courses recognized by the Institution with the concurrence of the managing authorities of the respective engineering colleges or polytechnics and notify the establishment to the State Centre within the geographical boundaries of which such Chapter will be located.
The Student Members (SMIE) of an Engineering College in a discipline recognized by the Council or the students undergoing regular courses at a polytechnic recognized by the Council shall be attached to the respective Chapter on payment of requisite subscription and the affairs of such chapter shall be managed in accordance with the rules framed and approved by the Council from time to time under the guidance of the Adviser who shall be a member of the faculty nominated by the managing authorities of the respective engineering colleges or polytechnics.

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IEI Office bearers
Name of the Faculty Designation
Prof. Dr.V.Duraisamy Chairman – Principal / TKEC
Prof. Dr.S.Benjamin Lazarus Secretary  - Vice Principal / TKEC
Er.S.Duraisivam Coordinator – Asst.Prof / Mech / TKEC
Er.S.Sakthivel Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / Civil / TKEC
Er.Dhiyvabharathi Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / CSE / TKEC
Er.M.G.Anand Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / EEE / TKEC
Er.Hemavathi Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / ECE / TKEC
Er.E.Jamuna Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / Mech / TKEC
Er.R.Prakash Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / Agri / TKCE
Er.P.Thangamanivivekananth Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / Auto / TKCE
Er.Rajitha Faculty Advisor – Asst.Prof / Chemical/ TKCE

IEI Activities
S.No Division Nature of the Programme Title of Programme Date
of Programme
1 Civil Engineering Paper Presentation, Project Expo, Technical Quiz, Code Cracking, Code Debugging 51st Engineers Day celebration 14.09.2018
2 Computer Engineering
3 Electrical Engineering
4 Mechanical Engineering
5 Electronics Engineering
6 Automobile & Mechatronics Engineering
7 Chemical Engineering
8 Mechanical Engineering Paper Presentation Seminar Presentation 2018 24.09.2018
9 25.09.2018
10 26.09.2018
11 Mechanical Engineering Career Guidance Programme Future Engineers 24.09.2018
12 TKEC & TKCE Special Lecture Meeting Effective & Efficient Relationship With IEI 01.12.2018
13 Electrical & Telecom. Engineering Seminar Fourth Generation Wireless Systems 01.03.2019
14 Chemical Engineering Seminar Safety Culture in Chemical Industries 06.03.2019
15 Civil Engineering Workshop Health Monitoring in Concrete 07.03.2019
16 Electrical Engineering Seminar Advancement in Distributed Generation & Power Quality 07.03.2019
17 Automobile & Mechatronics Engineering Workshop Emerging Trends in Autotronics 11.03.2019
18 Electrical & Telecom. Engineering Workshop Recent Trends in PCB Design 12.03.2019
19 Computer Engineering Seminar Social Networking Through IT 13.03.2019
20 Computer Science Engineering Symposium Datum2019 14.03.2019
21 Civil Engineering Symposium Genitor2K19 15.03.2019
22 Conference Green Materials & Environmental Engineering 16.03.2019
23 Mechanical Engineering Symposium JetBlaze’19 15.03.2019
24 Conference Green Materials & Environmental Engineering 16.03.2019
25 Seminar Development and Characterization of Metal Matrix Nano Composite 16.03.2019
26 Automobile & Mechatronics Engineering Symposium Autotronics’19 16.03.2019
27 The Kavery Engineering Colleges Career Guidance Programme Exploring Career in Engineering 30.03.2019


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