Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering provides a solid foundation for Professional Engineering practice and further study in Mechanical Engineering or many other related fields. The major requirement is to develop the student’s ability to apply scientific principles in the design and analysis of mechanical and energy conversion.

Mechanical engineering covers a wide variety of activities from engines, turbines, pumps and compressors, to heat exchangers and pressure valves, to boilers and steam systems, to hydraulics and fluid flow, to dynamics and statics to plant and manufacturing operations, to project engineering to project management and several more.

Achieving 100% result and placement.

Reinforcing the research and consultancy activity in the department.

Undertaking quality research projects keeping in view of relevance to the needs and requirements of technology in local industry.

Starting on-line transfer of knowledge in appropriate technology by means of establishing multipurpose resource centers.

Modernizing all laboratories and keep them up to date considering the latest requirements and developments in thrust areas.

Involving the students in various activities related to curriculum like paper presentation, project presentation and entrepreneur skills etc.

Apart from curriculum our students are motivated by our department to participate in the sports, NSS programs, Red Ribbon Club activities etc.


To maintain a high standard of mechanical engineering education through outstanding teaching, innovative curricula, and research training that reflect the changing needs of society.

To attract highly motivated students with enthusiasm, aptitude and interest in mechanical engineering.

To pursue excellence in research and technology transfer.

To recruit, retain, and develop the members of the Department.

Generate the ability to select and apply the technical knowledge, skills and modern mechanical engineering tools to the broadly-defined engineering technological activities.

Create exposure to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments; and to apply experimental results to improve processes.

Inculcate the spirit to function effectively as a member or leader on a technical team.

Provide an environment to apply written, oral, and graphical communications in both technical and nontechnical environments and ability to identify and use an appropriate technical literature.

Increase the understanding level of the need and ability to engage in self directed continuing professional development.