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Department of Computer Engineering

Our Department was established in the year 2001. It follows the curriculum prescribed by DOTE, Chennai for the award of Diploma with an aim to teach computer education for rural students with the intake of 60 students per year.

The department of Computer Engineering can exhibit of its high profile in the history of the Institution. It has decided and highly qualified faculty members who direct all attention towards teaching and training the budding computer science engineers and to make them look beyond the obvious. Our department has always kept its target by providing computers in 1:1 ratio to the students.

We also offer students the opportunity to work on the most sophisticated hardware and software platforms existing in the computer industry. Sharing emerging trends and new developments in the industry, these experts along with the dedicated faculty give students the confidence to take on and successfully execute highly complex and challenging projects.

Department of Computer Engineering

Vision & Mission


The Department will expand its crucial role within the academic and intellectual development strategy of the DOTE. The Department will be noted for its commitment to applied research, current technological expertise, relevant service to the community and geographic region, and innovative classroom practices and offering courses that will enhance the intellectual capacity and career opportunities for our students, and will provide essential computer literacy skills for other disciplinary students.


The Department of Computer Engineering is a community of faculty, staff and students focused in the disciplines of computer science. Our mission is to achieve excellence through outstanding teaching. We seek to provide a flexible and proactive environment that promotes innovative thinking, diversity and ethical behavior in order to capitalize on the dynamic growth of computer and information technology and its applications to the welfare of our society.


The objective of the Department is to prepare future generation computer professionals for long-term careers in computer technology, technical development, and applications. The curriculum emphasizes on program design, analysis and implementation, with both a strong theoretical foundation and relevant practical component, covering most aspects of computing and computer communications.

Department of Computer Engineering

Lab Facilities

Computer Laboratory

The laboratories are furnished with all the latest systems and software, which help the students, get trained and in turn imbibe the much needed data. There are also trained to be skilled in challenging areas to make them competent and also to tower in their field.

A 24 hour internet facility is also available for students and facilities. This gives a great hand in making students well informed about the changes of trends in the Global market.

It also provides students enough opportunity to tap scores which act as propellers to the advancement of their college has two computer labs to cater the need of students. It is equipped with Dual core, Core Duo and Pentium and other Peripherals like Canon, HP color Jet, Scanner, etc. There are 250 computers and they are networked.

Our Laboratories

Name of Laboratory Configuration Quantity
Computer Centre - I Hpdx2480/E2180,2.80GHz, 160GB HDD 2GB DDR2 RAM 18.5 LCD Monitor, Hp Keyboard, Hp Mouse 36

Practical Laboratory Details

Linux Practical

Linux Operating System

C Programming Practical

Linux Operating System

C – Compiler with Editor

Java Programming Practical

JDK1.3 OR JDK1.4

Data Structure using C practical

C – Compiler with Editor

Communication and Life Skills Practical

An echo-free room for housing a minimum of sixty students

Necessary furniture and comfortable chairs

Public Address System

A minimum of two Computers with internet access, with Audio for Listening

Skill and related

Software packages

A minimum of Two different English dailies

A minimum of one standard Tamil daily

Headphone units – 30 Nos. with one control unit with a facility to play and record in Computer

A minimum of Three Mikes with and without cords

Colour Television (minimum size – 29)

DVD/VCD Player with Home Theatre speakers

Clip Chart, white board ,smart board


Video camera

Printer, Xerox, Scanner machines

English Weeklies/monthlies/journals like ELTOI

Monthly journal for Lifeskills

Web Programming Practical

Notepad or any one Editor

Web browser

Apache Tomcat 4.0 x or JRun 3.x

Relational Database and Management Systems Practical

A Server with Oracle 8i or higher (Oracle 10g is preferred)


Dot Net Programming Practical

Dot Net FrameWork

Visual Studio IDE

Computer Servicing and Network Practical

Computer with Pentium / Core processors with add on cards

Hard disk drive

CD Drive

DVD Writer

Blank DVD

Blank Blu-ray disk

Head cleaning CD

Dot matrix Printer

Laser Printer

Digital Camera

Web Camera


Blue tooth device and cell phone

Bio-metric device


Windows XP operating system

Linux operating system

Disk Manager (for the purpose of partition and format)

Norton or E-Trust Antivirus software


DVD Writer S/W

CD Burning S/W (Ahead Nero or latest S/W)

Blu-ray Burning S/W

Crimping Tool

Network Cables


Laser Printer




Pentium Systemswith on board Ethernet Card (NIC)

Windows 2000 or 2003 or LINUX Server.

OS Windows XP with service pack

Drivers Software

Multimedia Systems Practical

Art of Illusion Replaces: AutoDeskMaya

Blender Replaces: AutoDesk Maya

Songbird Replaces: iTunes

CoolPlayer Replaces: Windows Media Player

Zinf Replaces: Windows Media Player

Audio Recorders and Editors

Audacity Replaces: Sonar X1, Sony ACID, Adobe Audition

Frinika Replaces: Sonar X1, Sony ACID

BonkEnc Exact Audio Copy, Audio Convertor Studio

CDex Exact Audio Copy

MMConvert Exact Audio Copy

Multimedia Players

VLC Media Player Replaces: Windows Media Player

Mplayer Replaces: Windows Media Player

XBMC Media Center Replaces: Windows Media Player

MediaPortal Replaces: Windows Media Player

Cinelerra Replaces: Adobe Premiere

Open Shot Video Editor Replaces: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Avidemux Replaces: Adobe Premiere

Kdenlive Replaces: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

CineFX Replaces: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

DVDx Replaces: Movavi Video Converter, Zamzar

DVD Flick Replaces: Movavi Video Converter, Zamzar

FFDShow Replaces:Movavi Video Converter, Zamzar

Miro Replaces: Windows Media Player

Infrared Recorder


DVD Flick, Dvdstyler, Bombono DVD



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