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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

This department was established during the Academic year 2001. The Department has excellent infrastructure available for use by the students. It is the endeavor of the management to periodically migrate to the latest software and hardware to keep pace with the ever changing needs of the industry, so that our students come out with knowledge of latest technology in both software and hardware.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Vision & Mission


Create an Educational environment in which students are prepared to meet the challenges of modern Industrial society by equipping them with:

Up to date Technical Knowledge.

Analytical and Practical skills.

A creative and innovative approach to work.


The mission of the ECE Department is to facilitate young Engineers to acquire technical exposure in the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering, nurture career improvement and develop human, social and intellectual qualities necessary for the successful practice of the profession.


The laboratory facilities are being constantly upgraded to take care of the technological developments in the areas of Electronics, Communication Systems, Signal Processing, VLSI, Wireless Communication, RF, Networking and Embedded Systems.

To be a global partner in Training the human resource in the fields of Chip Design, Instrumentation and Networking.

To have an association with internationally reputed Institutions for academic excellence and man power development.

To bid developmental International projects.

Provide the educational resources to keep pace with developments in the field.

To take care of the needs of the regional industrial sector and beyond.

To achieve 100% placement.

To prepare the students in such a way that 50%of students get placed in core companies.

To obtain funded projects every year.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Lab Facilities

Our Department has excellent infrastructural facilities and Lab facilities in a separate well planned building.

Lab Name Major Equipments
Microcontroller lab   8051Micro controller Kit, Various Interface Kits  
Embedded System / VLSI lab LPC 2148 ARM Kit, Keil software, Flash Magic / FPGA Kit, Xilinx Software , Personal Computer, Various Interface Kits.  
Simulation / CHN lab Orcade Software , / Web Camera, DVD drive ,Printers, OS Software, Biometric devices, laptop, Personal Computer, Scanner, Linux OS, Blue Ray Disc  
Integrated circuits / Electronics lab CRO, Bread board, Various value of Active & Passive Components, Various value of ICs, Function Generator. IC trainer kits  
Industrial Electronics & Communication lab Lamp dimmer trainer Kit ,Buck Convertor, PWM Chopper Circuits, PLC Trainer Kit, FM modulator , AM Modulator, PAM Modulator, PWM , PPM , Three way cross over network, CRO, Function Generator Bread board


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