Diploma in Automobile Engineering

The Department aims at providing the students of Automobile Engineering with learning facilities analogous to International standards for designing and manufacturing of automobiles, imparting knowledge to design vehicles with lesser pollution and better safety standards to meet the norms, and to expose them to the latest research, development and techniques so as to cater to the growing needs of the Industries and to mould the students as technological experts and Entrepreneur.


Education is a continuous process and Kavery College of Engineering will remain in the forefront and will strive to assure quality education coupled with the latest infrastructure facilities. We ensure a tradition of excellence to be a leading Automobile Engineering Programs by bridging the students and industry together. We have been and will provide our students with educational experience that will enable them to be the best in their field of specialization. We have maintained and developed superlative research programs that complement our educational mission attend to the evolving needs of society and industry.


To endow the students with Automobile Engineering at par with MNC’s Expectations for designing and manufacturing of automobiles using Pro-E, CAD / CAM, RPT. Instill knowledge to design Eco- friendly vehicles with lesser pollution and better safety measures to meet Bharath norms, inculcate proficiency to build hybrid vehicles and to use alternative source of energy.